We are a growing team of designers, systems thinkers, business case developers and innovators. We work with organisations to solve problems and deliver new products.

True to our name, at Asymmetric Innovation we work hard to stack the odds of a successful innovation in your favour. We do this by bringing together some of the world’s best and brightest thinkers, focusing their contributions through our best practice methodologies, and working closely with you to ensure we create solutions that are feasible, viable, desirable, and scalable.

Our approach to consulting services, education and impact designs is motivated directly by the outcomes our work helps you to achieve.  Your success is our success. We believe this so much, when we see products that align with our investment goals, we’ll even explore co-investing with you, to further accelerate and scale your impact.

About Us

Paul Barnett
Managing Director
Paul is an entrepreneur, strategic advisor and impact designer with experience in research, government and industry.
Kyle Kessler
Kyle is an accomplished business strategist and formidable doer of things with experience in industry, international development and policy.
Rachel Stevens
Rachel is an experienced product and services designer with a background in user experience and graphic design.
Alex Quinn
With a PhD in evolutionary genetics and deep background in molecular  and developmental biology, Alex finds patterns in complex systems.
Regan Crooks
New Ventures Advisor
Regan has an impressive track record in creating sustainable value chains and taking products/technologies from concept to market.
Jane Trindall
Innovation Advisor
Jane specialises in building valuable partnerships, raising funding and designing innovation projects for industry.
Damian Hine
Innovation Advisor
Damian is an evolutionary economist focused on  new business models, capability development, quantitative modelling and strategy.
Anita Stefoska-Needham
Food & Nutrition Advisor
Anita is a PhD-qualified Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, nutrition researcher and inventor, with a particular interest in food innovations.

We have designed and refined our services to help you address whatever scale or type of challenge you have. If there is a way to innovate your solution, our services will get you there.

Innovation Practice

We work with you to understand your current problems or opportunities.  We then harness our global network of inventors and innovators to provide ideas and prototypes that can be piloted, refined, and scaled.

Corporate Education

We design and deliver highly experiential accelerator programs, corporate incubators, challenges, and hackathons that help build your capabilities and solve complex challenges and opportunities.

Impact Design & Management

We have methods to efficiently design your pathways to impact as well as the systems to measure and motivate behaviours that can accelerate impact delivery and reward/manage progress.